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Water Cum Smoke Tube Hybrid Steam Boiler

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We, Triveni Boiler Pvt. Ltd. have established a reputation of renowned Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Water Cum Smoke Tube Hybrid Steam Boiler, Water Cum Smoke Tube Boiler, Draft System and Boiler Mounting & Valve. In addition to this, we are also a service provider engaged in offering Consultancy Services and Technical Services of Boiler.

  • Range:
    1. 1 TPH to 15 TPH

  • Pressure:
    1. 10.54 Kg to 17.5 kg/ cm2 g

  • Type:
    1. Water Cum Smock Tube Boiler
    2. Membrane Water Wall Panel Lined
    3. Radiant Furnace with Shell & Tube Boiler

  • Pressure:
    1. Pneumatic Auto Firing
    2. Dumping Grate for Bagasse Firing
    3. Travelling Grate for Higher Capacities
    4. Steam Super Heating
    5. Provision for FBC Conversion

  • Salient Features:
    1. Ideal for Fuels with higher Volatile Content & Lighter Fuel e.g. Lights, Rice Husk, Bagasse Ground Nut Shell etc.
    2. Very High THERMAL EFFICIENCY due to efficient Combustion & Minimum Radiation Losses
    3. Higher Free Board Space & Large Combustion Volume
    4. Minimum Choking hence Lower Cleaning Frequency
    5. Large Water Holdig & Steam Space
    6. Better Response to Fluctuating Steam Load
    7. Quicker Initial Steaming
    8. Superior MEMBRANE TECHNOLOGY In Packaged & Large Boilers
    9. Minimum usage of Refractory in Furnace hence Lower Maintenance Minimum Air Leakage
    10. Easy in Operation, Maintenance & Cleaning

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