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Wet Scrubber

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This units is particularly useful for scrubbing fine submicronic particulate matter. It includes Wet-dry junctions and a variable throat operation can be manual or automatic as required. The unit can handle recycle streams In operation, liquor is introduced via a multiple distributor pipe system. These special pipes are arranged to provide complete coverage of the throat and washing of the walls by the liquor.

The dirty gas and liquor converge at the throat entrance where extreme agitation and turbulence atomizes the liquor and mixes it intimately with the gas. The dust/fume particles are captured by direct impingement and the droplets are further removed in the mist eliminator section. High efficient ventury scrubbers can be constructed from carbon steel, stainless steel, speciality alloys or plastics. Units are available with capacities ranging from 600-200,000 CFM (17-5664 m3/min).

Wet Scrubber System Advantage

  • Small space requirements: Scrubbers reduce the temperature and volume of the unsaturated exhaust stream. Therefore, vessel sizes, including fans and ducts downstream, are smaller than those of other control devices.
  • Smaller sizes result in lower capital costs and more flexibility in site location of the scrubber.
  • No secondary dust sources: Once particulate matter is collected, it cannot escape from hoppers or during transport.
  • Handles high-temperature, high-humidity gas streams: No temperature limits orcondensation problems can occur as in bag houses or ESP.
  • Minimal fire and explosion hazards: Various dry dusts are flammable. Using water eliminates the possibility of explosions.
  • Ability to collect both gases and particulate matter.
  • Use of Waste Water for Circulation.
  • Optimizing Boiler Operation.
  • Fuel Consumption Reduction.
  • Reducing Air Ingress.
  • Increasing Filtration Efficiency.
  • Best Operation Parctices.
  • Reduction in SOX. Below Permissible Limit.
  • Reduction in SPM Limit as per PCB Norms.
  • Easy Operation by Unskilled Man Power.
  • Consistent Repetitive Performance.

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